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NYCU.FM Monday-Friday Schedule

8am to 10am CST

It's a New Day with Angie

Angie loves and has served the community for 20 years. She is dedicated to making sure families are connected to resources and programs and now she's bringing it to the airwaves.

It's a New Day highlights family, parenting & love!

10am - 12pm CST

Damali's World with Damali Wilson

Damali's World is a show that helps you get through two hours of your work day. It's comprised of her favorite hip-hop and R&B music, as well as covering business tips, motivational quotes and 'Did You Know' facts.

Hang out in Damali's world!

Charles Harper
12pm - 2pm CST

Mr Harper's Neighborhood with Charles Harper

In the neighborhood, Charles is handling his business. He's sharp, articulate & educated but can also make you laugh. He's gonna drop a jam on ya to help you get through that work day. Also business tips, The Divine 9 Check-in, and the HBCU roll call.

Power through lunch with Mr. Harper's Neighborhood

JB Smoove
2pm - 6pm CST

The Super Mix with JbSmoove

DJ JbSmoove is considered a trendsetter and turntable master with over 30 years in the DJ booth. He handles music programming and loves producing voice-overs for TV & radio. Get the freshest mixes & exclusive interviews.

Tune up with Jb. It's a vibe!

April Showers
6pm - 8pm CST

The Platinum Flow with April

Your favorite Lil Cousin April is an entrepreneur, mom and medical professional. She's a woman of faith, knows hip-hop and R&B music. She is fierce, consistent, and love to engage with community.

The Platinum Flow is unstoppable.

Rodney Rue
8pm - 11pm CST

Rue’s Love Lounge with Big Rue

Big Rue is in after a hard day at work or play. Wind down with the distinctive voice of the night. Learn the love languages and enjoy relationship tips for singles and couples.

Relax, chill & vibe in The Love Lounge

Mr Energizer
11pm - 3am CST

Overdrive with Mr Energizer

Mr Energizer is a retired Army veteran who's love for music runs deep. Hang out late nights in the "Dirty South". He's dropping R&B classics and keeping the energy tight and right.

Take a trip to the J-Bone Lounge with Mr. Energizer

3am - 8am CST

Playlist Rotation

NYCU.FM Weekends

DJ mixing
Friday & Saturday Nights
8pm - 4am

Weekend Block Party

The hottest DJ’s in the country mixing the hottest jams live.

Gospel singers
8am - 1pm

Sunday Gospel

Jazz band
1pm - 6pm

Sunday Jazz