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Damali Wilson


Damali Wilson is an entrepreneur whose primary focus is community development in under served neighborhoods.  Her passion is to be the voice for the voiceless and coordinate resources where needs exist.  She has an innovative approach to changing the narrative for and perception of the people in less fortunate communities.  She is dedicated to providing a “hand up” to the community, instead of a hand out.

Born and raised in North Tulsa, Damali saw the decline of her neighborhood and always had a burning desire to do something about the decline.  She made a decision at a young age to be part of the solution, although she was not quite sure how.  She always wanted to work for herself and was waiting to find her niche.  After working her way up from file clerk to legal assistant, over a 21 year career, Damali left the law office and accepted an opportunity to impact her community.   In 2014, armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, her legal assistant certification and knowledge of the dynamics of her community, she jumped at the opportunity to organize, set the foundation for and manage several development projects in North Tulsa.

Today, she is well-known to those working to redevelop in the City of Tulsa, especially North Tulsa.  She is a speaker, trainer and consultant in the arena of community development and changing the mindset of the community by putting in the hard work.


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